tragedy of modern Tibet.

In Tibet, every summer time, there are many conflictions about the source of caterpillar fungus, (which is very expensive.) Many Tibetan’s lives depend on caterpillar fungus especially nomadic families. It has been the cause of many Tibetan men’s death.  Dolma was from a small village in Rabgong, she was the prettiest girl in that village.  A couple of years ago she fell in love with a boy called Tashi who was from a nearby village. Since there was no school, it was inevitable they would be working in the grassland looking after their cattle all the time.

 In the past there was peace between the villages and Dolma and Tashe lived a peaceful and joyful life. They never thought their life would end up with extreme sadness and loneliness. Gradually caterpillar fungus was found on their land and some greedy men who were possessive and self-centered thought they would take advantage of this. When the men went into the grassland to collect caterpillars, there was a small fight between them. Since there were no official papers saying who owned the land, both villages claimed it was theirs to fight for.  

Gradually the fighting got worse and worse and the situation became unbearable. The two villages fighting made it difficult for Dolma and Tashi to meet and their relationship almost came to an end, but their love for each other was pure and strong. They met secretly during special festivals, such as New Years and H.H the Dalai Lama’s birthday. Even though both villages are Tibetan, they consider each other as an enemy,(like all Tibetans do the Chinese Government.) However fighting over caterpillar fungus is not the same as fighting a country which kills over 1.5 million of countrymen.

The next year, the fighting got much worse similar to America and Iraq. Tashi needed to go and fight because he was 18. There was no excuse anyone if you are not disabled. Strangely during the summer time when the caterpillar fungus came out in the earth, both villages fought each other for it; instead of collecting it. Even if you don’t know how to use a rifle, you have to join in the war. So Tashi  who had no experience was frightened.

Unfortunately Tashi was killed during the war but the murderers were very glad as if they had won several millions dollars from the lottery. Dolma didn’t know that Tashi was dead for a long time because they hadn’t been in contact for a while. One of the biggest occasions in Rabgong is Vesak, Dolma really wanted to meet Tashi and discuss secretly going somewhere else. If they could go to somewhere like Lhasa, Tashi wouldn’t need to take part the war, plus they could live together.   When the bad news reached her ears, she couldn’t believe it. Her eyes were full of tears like a dam which was damaged by a bomb. She felt like she had nothing in the world, it was completely empty for her. 

In desperation she decided to have her hair cut near her village where two roads meet. One leads to a nunnery and the other one leads to the Yellow River.  




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