I Am a Slim Dog

The Sun warmly and brightly came around the world again that morning. Everything seemed to be quite close and friendly to each other. It might be a random feeling for me to be impressed like that. Especially I and my brother snuggled up closely with some students in E.S.Tibet, even if they had shown us bad behavior by telling us to get lost. No matter how often they kick us off their school campus, we feel really satisfied if they feed us some left-overs when they have finished their meals.

When we wake up, my brother always asks me to go near the school gate to get some food.
I say we have to wait till they finish first, maybe one of them will come here with some food. Sometimes it did work but sometimes it didn’t. I knew they didn’t always come to feed us as they have meal as their timetable, so that I sometimes had to listen to my brother.

I am not sure if it is only a human’s altitude or not, but while they had free time or were in a good mood, they came to tease us without caring how our condition looked like. We needed to pretend to be happy in order to get some food. Even if our stomachs were empty we played with them as much as we could.  It could be helpful for not being lonely at least.

One day we followed some students to the spring. Suddenly my brother fell down in a ditch where the water was flowing. In a minute I tried to save him by my mouth but I couldn’t. Some people around us looked at us surprised rather than came to save our life. If I say human beings are quite stupid, they would reply they are big headed and superior.

Unfortunately, on the way back, my brother was run over by a car accidently. The car driver carried on and drove away without a pause. It seemed he drove on like a stone. If I were a man, I would give him at least some advice about how to drive in public places. But all that I could do was watch him to die and cry.

All in all it’s really a disastrous incident for me. That was longest day in my life. From the darkness of the night I hoped that accident was not real, but it is hard to change the truth into real if you don’t have a special miracle.

By Dhukbhum



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