English poems


Despite being quite isolated
from Tibetan society
with bamboo fence around
atmosphere with waving flags,
Tibet is in your heart center forever
I know you never lose it for a second.

Every single English word
spreads as seeds in the field of mind
the right time to blossom.
You are the gardener of me;
and the gardener of the world.

Through the time you and me,
gripping our dreams
treasuring our hopes and ambitions
we step forward
only for those.
We have lost many things
for our dreams
but we keep on.

“Party and party” we cheer up “Momo”
and “pepsi” every single month.
I trust parting wouldn’t last forever
except for natural changes,
but this farewell is not the last
please don’t forget to say “hello”.



The line of those soldiers got trained
How to step toward the targets
Hold same rifles and bench of bullets
Take on life-protections and helmets,
but who is loser in this battle?

We picked up the main instructions.
How to arrive at the point of situation,
as a picture, in front of our sight.
Gain same lessons by skillful coaches
but who is loser in this battle?

Traveled a long journey and kept moving,
To sieve the events through the field
which one is the enemy, which not?
“Little and often” my best companion
but who is loser in this battle?

My targets are invisible, but sometimes….
Doubt in my mind germinates as two heads
To shoot or not is a big question
those single moments vanished with that,
who is loser of this battle?
Wednesday, January 30, 2012


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